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FIC-PG Booth and Doc: Here I Come (DRABBLE)
by Not Horny or Randy. Just DFAS Giles. (dfasgiles)
at March 16th, 2007 (01:52 am)
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Title: Here I Come
Personal Fanfic Community: dfasgbaf (Fics post here first)
Personal Fanfic Group: DFAS Giles Bloody Awful Fanfic (Forget to post here a lot)
Fandom: BONES
Characters: Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Gordon Wyatt
Rating: FIC-PG
Genre: ...Character Development?
Word Count: 522 *weak smile*
Spoilers: Up to and including the episode "Bodies in the Book." Read no further in these headers if you do not want to be spoiled for that show.
Summary: After his reaction to seeing Sully and Temperance kiss, despite his hand in it, Booth finally breaks down and goes to Dr. Wyatt to discuss a topic that has nothing to do with work--well, not professionally, anyway.
Disclaimer: BONES is from Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Barry Josephson and Hart Hanson are executive producers, and the characters Seeley Booth and Dr. Gordon Wyatt belong to them. No one receives profit from this. I write it only for guilty pleasure and to further the fan base of a great show.
Feedback: Constructive criticism, both negative and positive, will be accepted with grace and gratitude. Destructive criticism (insults without examples from my work and suggestions for improvement to fortify the insults) will be deleted and will earn a block from journal, community, inbox, and/or group. Praise is always accepted, of course!
Author's note: Thank you, catvampcrazines, for adding Bones to the list of fandoms in btvsats_love! This fic was written in response to the prompts "scary" or "creepy."
Distribution: Archive sites, etc., of which I am a member. Anyone else, please ask here. If you're willing to share the archive info with me, I will probably say yes. Thanks for your interest!

"So," Dr. Wyatt said, settling into the patio chair across from Booth with his freshly brewed cup of tea, "tell me why you've come to visit me, Agent."

Booth shifted in his seat, the wood legs of the chair creaking under his movements. "It's...my partner."

Doc blinked once, twice, wide-eyed. "Oh, yes? What about the good doctor?"

Booth shifted again. "Well, you know...I told you...they put her...with someone else...while I was out because I was busy with you."

Doc leaned back, cradling his chin with his hand and tapping it with his forefinger. "Ah, yes. I do recall you mentioning that. Go on."

"Well, it turns out...they kinda...liked each other-- " he winced-- "so, as soon as I get back, he comes to me asking for advice--"

"Which you naturally gave--"

"What?" Booth sat straight up, eyes wide. "Of course, I didn't! Why would I give someone advice on how to get my partner into bed?"

"Oh, come, now, Agent," Doc said with a conspiratorial grin, "you're Agent Sullivan's friend, so you know he's not a predatory monster...and your partner's quite the head turner. Why not--how do you Americans say it?--hook him up?"

More fidgeting. "Because!" Booth said with passionately angry heat in his eyes.

"Because you love her?"

"Yes!" Caught by his own reflexive answer, Booth jerked, then quickly followed with, "No!" On Doc's knowing smile, he continued, "Okay, yes, I love her. She's my partner. You know partners share a special bond. Look at Sully. He's mostly been a desk jockey since he lost--"

Doc clucked his tongue. "You know very well that's not what I meant."

A puff of air fumed out of Booth's nose as he gazed at the fists clenching each other on his knee. "I know."

"Well? What are you going to do about it?"

"What can I do about it?" Booth looked at him with wide, sad eyes. "I waited too long because I was afraid she'd never want a relationship with someone at work. Now, every time I turn around, she and Sully are acting like a couple of kids by their lockers in high school, making eyes, sneaking kisses....It's creepy."

Doc tucked his chin into his chest. "Creepy?"

"Yeah. To see her letting a guy that close. Before now, I was the closest, and I never...." He sighed.

Doc nodded. "But you were beginning to hope you might."

Booth looked down. "Yeah. I just--I wasn't ready to admit it."

"The nudges we need can, at times, come from unfortunate places, Agent Booth." Patting his legs, Doc pushed to a standing position, taking hold of his teacup. "I suggest you consider all of your options and their possible consequences very carefully over the next few days, Mr. G-man, as well as the old adage, 'You never know until you try.'" With that, he went inside his house and closed the door behind him.

Booth just sat staring at the table. "You never know until you--" He smiled brightly. "Oh...what the hell?" Standing up, he straightened his tie and lapels. "Look out, Sul. Here comes the competition."