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nondenomifan (formerly angelswilliam) [userpic]
Booth/Brennan: The Depth in the Damp (Teens and Up)
by nondenomifan (formerly angelswilliam) (nondenomifan)
at February 1st, 2008 (02:35 am)

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Author: nondenomifan
Title: The Depth in the Damp
Fandom: Bones
Ship: Booth/Brennan
Rating: Teens and up
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 874
Spoilers: Please don't read this unless you want to be spoiled for all episodes up to and including Season 3 "Santa in the Slush" (the Xmas ep).
Summary: Brennan slips and falls in a pond while she and Booth are collecting evidence far from civilization in cold weather. All they have is the suburban with an emergency blanket in the back. *taps finger studiously against cheek while "squinting"*
Disclaimer: Not mine. The people who created, wrote, produced, and distributed the original characters and/or plots own everything this writing is based on. This is just me having fun. Besides, I'm broke and you won't get nuttin' from me if you sue.
Feedback: Concrit and stroking are welcome. Flames will get R2-D2's CO2 spray in the face.
Author's note: The zygomatic arch is the bone extending from just in front of your ear to just under your eye. It is commonly referred to as the cheekbone. Anterior means toward the front of the body.
Distribution: If I'm a member of your archive, community, forum, group, etc., you can have it. Anyone else, please comment with an invite.

Booth sat against the rear driver's side wall of the FBI suburban, gathering Brennan's body close with an arm around her shoulders while unfolding and spreading the blanket he'd just fetched from the other side of the vehicle. He wrapped the blanket around his body and hers, making certain all of her top half was covered.

Brennan felt like a complete imbecile. They had come to this site to retrieve any remaining evidence from the area. The FBI had found a body and moved it without contacting them first. She and Booth--mostly she--had been extremely irritated at the potential compromise of the evidence. Brennan had been too focused on her thundering thoughts while collecting samples to notice how close she had gotten to the neighboring pond until it was too late, and she had lost her footing and flipped backward....

Booth squeezed her with his left arm and tucked the blanket over her shoulders with his right hand. "There," he said, settling so his body was turned toward her, his right leg bent over hers, his right hand moving to her triceps and rubbing some warmth into it. "That's the best I can do to keep you warm until they get here. It'll be about 4 hours, they said. You comfortable?"

She nodded. "Yes."

He gave her one of those twinkly-eyed charm smiles without any teeth showing. "Good."

He then settled further into her, resting his head against hers. After a moment of stillness, he smoothly rolled his head to bestow a kiss on her forehead. He then returned to the position where their cheeks were resting together, his nose approximately level with the anterior portion of her zygomatic arch. He moved around some more, inadvertently rubbing their cheeks together--or was he intentionally nuzzling her? Anthropologically speaking, this was a very propitious time for him to assert himself as the alpha male over the alpha female. She had displayed weakness by falling and soaking her clothing in cold weather and now required assistance. And, as she watched and listened, he was making those sorts of quiet grunting, swallowing, and sighing noises while settling that men make and women find so inexplicably soothing as they're getting comfortable with a mate. Yes, whether intentional or not, he was definitely asserting himself as the alpha male in this scenario.

And, with the prolonged kiss still fresh in her mind that she had shared with him to please Caroline, she found the alpha female in herself reacting to his assertions.

She glanced at his lips. They weren't too far out of reach. It could seem like an accidental touch, couldn't it? No. He would know it was intentional. Well, for all the times Angela had told her, "Just pretend to be the girl for once," she had also been encouraging her almost since the beginning of her partnership with Booth to be sexually aggressive with him. She made her decision.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

His eyes opened instantly, and he pulled his head away from her so he could see her face. "What? Are you okay? Does something hurt? Do you want a bottle of water?"

Instead of answering, she smiled slightly, closed her eyes, and, with the barest touch, pressed her lips to his. He froze, at first unable to process in his brain what was happening. Yeah, they'd kissed another time, but he had been told it was "under coercion"--not to mention the humiliating comment she made to Caroline that it was like kissing her brother. Yeah. That had been a real ego booster.

But, now, here she was, kissing him on her own, without anyone telling her to. Hm. Hmmmm!

Leaning back and studying her closely, warmly, he saw only uncertainty and affection. Smiling gently, he cupped her face with his hand and, stroking it with his thumb, leaned forward and returned her kiss.

They settled into a full embrace, sharing short but lingering open-mouthed kisses. Booth put everything he felt into each kiss, glad for the chance to, at last, share an intimate moment with her. He had loved this woman for so long and had only begun to admit it to himself just as she had met and allowed herself to fall for someone (else) for the first time...and had him break her heart.

If the situation had had to be approached carefully before, it would now be like walking across a bed of hot coals after sunburning the soles your feet: not real smart, but well worth it just so you could say to everyone, "I did it, dammit, and you can't take that away from me!" Once he had Dr. Temperance Brennan's heart, absolutely nothing was going to separate him from her. She'd had too many men leave her already--even from her own family.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

They heard sirens approaching and realized the federal rescue team had arrived. They looked at each other and smiled shyly. Neither could believe how much time had passed.

"Our heroes," Booth said.

Brennan smiled up at him. "I only have one hero." That said, she kissed him on the cheek and laid her head on his chest, feeling she had some serious rethinking to do on her feelings regarding commitment.

~The Real Beginning! *grin*~