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Bones: Into the Bone Yard

*The* Bones LiveJournal Community

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About this Journal:

This is a Community dedicated to David's Boreanaz's new show Bones. Pictures, Fan Art, Fanfiction (Het,Slash,Gen), Episode reviews and more; whatever the members feel like posting. Our primary reason for being however is to collect and display Bones fanfiction with a special emphasis on AU storyverses and Crossovers.

Rules for this group are mainly common sense type things. NO SPAM'ming, advertisements for other communities, groups, ect. MUST be approved by a moderator prior to being posted or it will be removed promptly and your status will br changed to moderated posting only until such a time as we see fit to change it back.

Please clearly label your work with content warnings and ratings where applicable as a courtesy for someone that may be logging in from work.

The works displayed on this journal is for the discerning the reader, viewer, and have SUBSTANCE so shallow people head for shore for there be sharks ahead.

Community founded on June 1. 2005 by JINXi & Myst

ART Used is by JINXI